Sonntag, März 13, 2011


As two of my friends are currently making awesome videos of dangerous activities with the usage of helmet cameras like these, I thought it's time to also publish a short video of my dangerous mornings. Including: stairs, mirrors, coffee, brands, playing with a pussy, making a pencil disappear and beer. And catcontent. It's got potential to be one of the most viewed videos in the internet, as you see.

First of all, the two videos, clickidiclick.

Montag, Februar 07, 2011

German culture: Beer, cars and football

And again, thanks to my Effective Writing Course, I am happy to post this small essay on "three objects that symbolise German culture". While I am quite happy with the text itself, I think I end it quite suddenly - I was limited on the words here. Two paragraphs are having a rather cynical undertone which I hope will be forgiven by my teacher. Enjoy!
'Schland '10' on the Rathausplatz Augsburg

Montag, Januar 31, 2011

Black Swan or: this Natalie-Portman-Movie.

Friends, readers, hipsters: I came to bury this movie, not to praise it. Black Swan, the latest movie of Darren Aronofsky (Reqiuem for a Dream, The Fountain, The Wrestler) has received an amount of press-attention and hype within my peers only rivalled by The Social Network or back in the days 300.

While myself being a big fan of Natalie Portman, I don't really relate to Darren Aronofsky. I have seen The Fountain and slept like a baby during The Wrestler, but to my own shame I still lack the experience of Requiem for a Dream. Darren Aronofsky Fans might want to leave this review right here and feed a stray cat or throw cherry blossoms into the midwinter sky. Anyway, I went in completely hyped and a bit aware of the whole plot, so I was shaken between expectations of grandeur and my own experiences of movies of that kind: difficult.

Dienstag, Januar 18, 2011


Enough with it?

A short play.


B: Benedikt as himself.
M: His Mother as herself.

Short plot: so dark the con of man.

<The telephone rings. While being a person not really leaning towards privacy, only a few, not exactly selected persons, are aware of Benedikt's number at home. He does not try to hide it, though. The few calls that he receives from time to time usually come from two or three people. One of them is his beloved mom - and in the most uncertain case of him running low on blood pressure, but one call of her might get him back on normal or even higher level within no time.>

Freitag, Oktober 29, 2010

Generation Schnauzevoll

Mein Homeslice Felix Senner erklärt kompakt und cool im Augsburg-TV, warum unsere Akademiker-Generation allen Grund hat, der Politik den Rücken zuzukehren sich mehr zu informieren und engagieren - und dabei schlägt er sich auch noch ganz gut. We like!
Der Verlauf der Augenbrauenstellung reflektiert indirekt proportional die Menge an Hoffnung auf Besserung.

Dienstag, Oktober 19, 2010

Homemade Spacecraft

Weil ich nach dem letzten Eintrag etwas Schiss wegen Karma habe, hier noch ein ganz positiver und lieber Beitrag: Vater und Sohn lassen einen Ballon auf 30km Höhe steigen und sammeln ihn dann wieder ein, weil ein iPhone mit drin war. Hach. Ähnlich wie die Oktopus-Geschichte könnte das aus einem tollen Kinderbuch stammen, von so einer Autorin mit Doppelnamen und Cordula oder Sieglinde als Vornamen, die was mit Bio macht. Oder einem Apple-Werbespot.

Achja: hier gefunden, beziehungsweise auf twitter - und nein, ich bin da jetzt auch nicht mehr wirklich aktuell damit.

Der Augsburg-Song oder: Schildbürger treiben's lang und dreckig.

Immer, wenn ich viel wichtigeres zu tun habe, bin ich besonders anfällig für Ablenkung. Diese liefert mir heute Abend der Augsburg-Song, gefunden auf dem Twitter-Account von Tom Pösl.