Montag, Februar 14, 2011

William Fitzsimmons, Berlin

I've been at a concert of William Fitzsimmons in the beginning of February, together with a friend of mine.

One of his songs basically made my summer so it just made sense to go see him as soon as he's in the area. So I felt like defining Berlin as "area" and got the tickets. Awesome idea. Ordered 4 tickets, sold two of them for a neat price.

The trainjourney always takes some time, but it is really comfy. During the whole trip, I had a bit of a Royal Tenenbaums moment, which was so awkward that it almost was funny again. Makes you wonder, how long people tend to stay kids, including all the fun, but also lots of dumb actions. Nevermind, it's cryptic, in respect of privacy.

Back to the concert: it was in the Alte Kantine (Berghain) and was plain good. Not mind-blowing or great, but his harmonic tunes mixed greatly with his sarcastic humour and made for an entertaining evening. Thanks, William!

Got us some scarfs as we couldn't grow such a beard in 2 weeks.

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