Sonntag, März 13, 2011


As two of my friends are currently making awesome videos of dangerous activities with the usage of helmet cameras like these, I thought it's time to also publish a short video of my dangerous mornings. Including: stairs, mirrors, coffee, brands, playing with a pussy, making a pencil disappear and beer. And catcontent. It's got potential to be one of the most viewed videos in the internet, as you see.

First of all, the two videos, clickidiclick.

Firstly, here's the video of Sebastian, rocking the Lake Tahoe Heavenly Ski Resort. In front of the screen, you can feel me envying him.

Schnappszeit from Sebastian Tiedtke on Vimeo.

Secondly, here's Bernhard Meir, Cross-Biking down some hills in the beautiful area of Bodenmais, Netherbavaria. (Free Netherbavaria!) Alas, you won't see much of the scenery.

Thirdly, a dramatic reenactment of my typical morning:

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